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Sinkhole De Mayo Birth of The Zomboyz

We love to do everything in JOY!  And one thing that gives me joy is writing.  And sometimes I love to write just for fun.  So in honor of cinco de mayo, here is Sinkhole De Mayo- Birth of the Zomboyz.  A true-ish tale based on true-ish events.   Here's a little taste...

 My name is Tony Camaro. I'm an amateur wrestler and my mask is checkered, just like my past.

There's me, 5 other wrestlers, and Sid our driver/manager on this broke down bus heading into Devil's Backbone, New Mexico. We're headlining the Cinco De Mayo Festival.
Little Man Nate is my best friend on this bus. He's a 4 foot 2 juicy nugget that gets more chicks than me, Tony Camaro. All of us are still bruised and popping Advil like m & m's after getting the crap kicked out of us by The Baby Eatin' Dingo's in Durango.

But nothing could have prepared me, Tony Camaro, for the events of this weekend. Here's the short list:
A Big Foot Named Frank- Decent guy but with a deodorant problem.
A Gay Man's Mariachi Band-Wild, colorful, and living proof it gets better.
Time Travel- Two words...What Ever!
Nazis- Their job is to keep the evil oiled.
Zombies- Flesh, it's just not for breakfast anymore. And you ain't seen anything until you've seen Zombies on Parade.
Die Glock- What you see on Ancient Aliens is not necessarily the whole truth. Sorry, George Noory.
And one hellava recipe for cinnamon glazed coffee cake.

You need to experience for yourself how Cinco De Mayo became known far and wide as Sinkhole De Mayo. And how these second string, minor league, amateur wrestlers became the true super heroes known as Zomboyz.
The Zomboyz mission is to go anywhere the threat of zombies exist or anything zombie-ish.

Ladies, hang on to your hats. Gentleman, cover your balls. It's a crazy wild intense ride as a legion of Tony Camaro fans chant, "It aint pretty but it's gritty."
Alice had her rabbit hole....
Tony Camaro has his sinkhole. Sinkhole De Mayo 

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